10 New Year’s resolutions for beautiful skin – Part 1: Dry, mature skin

Will your New Year’s resolutions help you achieve beautiful skin this year? Do you have skin problems that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Do you want smoother, clearer, younger-looking skin?

If you’ve still got room on your list of resolutions, we’ve got a few tips for you. If you incorporate them into your routine, your skin will be more radiant and balanced.

We don’t all have the same skin type. So we’ve broken down our resolutions according to your skin type.

The 10 resolutions for dry and mature skin

I use a gentle cleanser

A large number of cleansers on the market use skin-aggressive ingredients (alcohol, sulfate, irritating soap) that dry out the skin. I choose a gentle, natural cleanser that both cleanses and moisturizes.

I moisturize my skin with toner

To be properly hydrated, skin needs both oil and water. Spray your face with rose floral water before applying your facial oil.

I increase the humidity in my bedroom in winter

L’hiver est une saison agressante pour la peau: froid extrême, vent et air sec à l’intérieur. C’est le temps d’augmenter le taux d’humidité de la chambre à coucher.

I add rich ingredients to my daily moisturizer

Using jojoba, rose hip or argan oil as a face moisturizer is a good choice. We can enrich our skincare base by adding oils rich in antioxidants (sea buckthorn oil) and nutrients (moringa oil). We can macerate plants in our oil (calendula, hibiscus, rose…) and add a few drops of rose, frankincense and Italian helichrysum essential oils.

I apply a mask more regularly

As anyone who’s ever applied a mask knows, our faces feel so good afterwards. We suggest a yellow or white clay mask for dry, mature skin. We can add an argan or rosehip vegetable oil to keep the skin well moisturized. The miracle of clay: it absorbs toxins and restores minerals to the skin in exchange!

I exfoliate regularly

It’s important to remove dead skin cells to allow the skin to breathe, and that’s the role of an exfoliant. It’s easy to make one at home: a little aloe gel, flower, plant or fruit powder (rose, green tea, orange, seaweed). We massage it into the skin of the face. We recommend using an exfoliant 2 to 3 times a week.

I take a lukewarm shower

Showering in very hot water eliminates the lipid barrier that protects our skin from dehydration, thus contributing to the vicious circle of dry skin.

I add herbs known to slow aging to my herbal teas

When we talk about slowing down aging, we’re talking about the entire aging process, both inside and outside our bodies. Let’s integrate the knowledge of several cultures (traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and the latest scientific studies) and make a daily herbal tea/decoction based on ginseng, gingko biloba, aswaghanda, turmeric, reishi, jiaogulan and astragalus. Your herbalist will be able to supply you with these plants.

I protect myself from excessive sun exposure

Cold and wind are known to dry out the skin, but so does the sun. I wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect my facial skin from excessive sun exposure.

Do you have any new resolutions for more beautiful skin? We’d love you to share them with us!


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