The Rose, a Natural Treasure for Your Skin and Well-Being

Rosa damascena, trésor naturel pour la peau

Did you know that the rose, Latin name Rosa damascena, is not just a pretty flower?

Native to the sunny valleys of Bulgaria, this type of rose holds a world of interesting mysteries that can revolutionize your skincare routine and even your overall well-being. Here are some amazing facts about the rose, the attributes of its essential oil in aromatherapy, and how this elixir can help calm and hydrate your skin. Get ready to be amazed by the grace of this queen of flowers!

Unusual facts about the rose (Rosa damascena)

The rose has been cultivated for over 3000 years. It was used in ancient times, where the Greek, Roman, and Persian civilization used it in an extremely prestigious way because of its medicinal properties and luxurious fragrance. By using these products, you are connecting yourself to ancient beauty traditions!

Rose Gold: The Valley of Roses in Bulgaria is the world’s source for this rose. Hand-picking takes place every year at dawn when their scent is more concentrated and of better quality.

It takes about 3,000 kilograms of petals to produce a single kilogram of Rosa Damascena essential oil, which explains its very high price. It is also the most expensive essential oil.

An elixir for the body and mind

Rosa Damascena essential oil is a precious oil used in aromatherapy.

Natural anti-stress: Rosa Damascena essential oil can be placed in a diffuser to help alleviate stress and anxiety. It calms your mind, thanks to its soothing molecules. Useful for establishing a calm atmosphere after a busy day at work.

Emotional Balance: A gentle scented oil that is not only a natural antidepressant. It is traditionally used to balance emotions and elevate mood. A valuable asset to maintain a good emotional balance and general well-being.

Benefits of Damask Rose for the skin

Rose is an extraordinary flower for skin care.

Intense Hydration: Rosa damascena essential oil is an effective source of hydration for the skin thanks to its biochemical molecules naturally present in its essential oil or extracts. It is excellent for combating skin dryness and skin regeneration.

Anti-Aging Benefits: This oil is very rich in antioxidant properties, so it effectively fights free radicals, and therefore not only prevents wrinkles and fine lines, but also reduces them. It also encourages cell regeneration, which means that your skin will be firmer and more elastic.

Soothing: Damask Rose is soothing and anti-inflammatory. It is a gentle and balanced choice when it comes to calming skin irritations.

Natural Luminosity: By rebalancing and toning the skin with the tonic and revitalizing virtues of the Damask Rose, it restores a luminous, balanced and even color to the skin.

The Damask Rose is not only one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, but also one of the rare treasures of nature that can enrich your skin care regimen and help improve your overall well-being. Whether in the form of aromatherapy with its essential oil or for skin health, it is a treasure of nature.

Explore our skin care and aromatherapy line and integrate the benefits of this queen of flowers into your daily routine.

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