What Is a Toner?

We see them everywhere on store shelves, and often even have one in our cupboard at home. But what can toner really do for our skin? Is it really a necessary part of our beauty routine?

Toner is a beauty care product used after cleansing and before moisturizing. It comes in liquid form, often applied with a spray bottle. Its main purpose is to remove the last impurities not cleansed by the cleanser.

It also serves to restore the skin’s natural PH, especially if the cleanser used is not suited to your skin type.

Do I really need a toner?

Let's take a look at the toner available.

Don’t use a toner if it’s mainly composed of alcohol. Alcohol is now recognized as an irritant in facial care products, even for oily skin. Alcohol dries out oily skin, which may seem satisfactory at first. In the long term, however, it disrupts sebum production and irritates the skin, which can lead to premature aging.

Other toners simply scent your skin. They add nothing beneficial to your face and can sometimes be harmful, depending on the source of the fragrances used.

There are also toners that enhance the beauty of your skin by helping it to balance and regenerate. You should therefore add a quality toner to your beauty routine if it isn’t already part of it.

Why exactly should I use toner?

To complete cleansing
Toner cleanses away the last impurities to keep your skin clean. Our toner contains effective antibacterial ingredients to enhance your cleansing.

To tighten pores
Toner acts as an astringent and revitalizing skin care product. It gives skin a smoother appearance.

For better absorption of active ingredients

Using toner immediately before applying a moisturizer (see our facial oil choices here) helps to better absorb the active ingredients contained in these products.

Our toner

Our toner is the result of a concentrated infusion of rose to tone and stimulate skin tissue and cell regeneration. It balances your skin’s PH and enhances the absorption of all the active ingredients contained in facial oils when applied immediately before them. Himalayan salt fortifies and has an astringent effect, instantly restoring fresh, radiant skin. This treatment can be used throughout the day to refresh your face.

How about you? Do you use a toner in your beauty routine?


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