Harmony Candle


Find inner peace in the balance of moments with our Harmony candle. Each glow of this candle, hand-poured in Quebec, is an invitation to harmonize your space and create an atmosphere of serenity.

Sold with our box of matches to “Light the spark of your intentions”.

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– Hand-poured in Quebec

– 100% soy wax

– Exclusive blend of essential oils and natural fragrances

– Engraved positive affirmation: “Harmony is the delicate interplay of balance, order, rhythm and grace”.

– Minimum burn time of 60 hours

– Paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free and vegan

– Fragrance of Fir, Cedar and Eucalyptus


The Harmony Candle celebrates the art of finding balance in every moment, offering a rich scent of soothing balsam fir, invigorating cedar and refreshing eucalyptus. The positive affirmation engraved on the jar, ” Harmony is the delicate interplay of balance, order, rhythm and grace ” invites you to reconnect with your inner serenity.

Whether to create a soothing atmosphere in your living space or to accompany your moments of relaxation, lighting the Harmonie Candle becomes a reminder in your quest for personal harmony. Treat yourself to this sensory ritual, a daily celebration of inner peace and balance.

Tips for enjoying your candle:

Our wooden wick candles require special attention during the first burn. Light the wick for at least 20 seconds to make sure it is well lit. Then let the candle burn until the wax has completely melted to the edges of the pot. This initial step is crucial to ensure even burning for subsequent uses.

In addition, be sure to keep the wick short by gently removing some of the burnt area before relighting the candle. This ensures that the wax continues to pass through the wick, guaranteeing a stable flame and an exceptional olfactory experience.

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