The quintessence of natural cosmetics

We offer you top-quality cosmetics. The selection criteria for our raw materials and our cosmetics manufacturing methods meet very strict criteria. The quality of our ingredients and the way in which they have been processed is very important to us. We manufacture cosmetics whose power is multiplied by respect for the fundamental pillars of natural, effective cosmetics: the quintessence of natural cosmetics.

Above all, it’s essential not to harm the health of living beings or the environment, but to do so in a very effective way. That is our everyday challenge.

The first and most important foundation of all is to take the natural element in its fullest and most complete form. We reject all standardized extract. When a plant is used, we extract every molecule of the precious complex it has to offer.

Isolating a specific type of molecule greatly reduces its absorption, so we lose the very power the plant can offer us. A good example is turmeric curcuminoids, which have unfortunately been standardized by many companies for sale as dietary supplements. However, recent research has shown that many of turmeric’s molecules are beneficial to health. By consuming turmeric in its entirety, we absorb all its nutrients much more effectively, and our health is the better for it.

It is therefore very important to use the whole plant, and incorporate it into the cosmetic care using an appropriate extraction method, so that the active molecular complex can thus act effectively on the skin.

A second fundamental condition is synergy. Synergy between the entire molecular complex of a single plant, but also between all the molecules of several plant sources: plants, oils and butters, essential oils. The effects of synergy between all ingredients can be multiplied tenfold when they are well chosen.

This is the problem with antibiotics today. Pathogenic bacteria have been able to adapt and mutate against the antibiotic’s single molecule. Conversely, it is impossible for pathogenic bacteria to adapt and mutate against the molecular complex of a single bactericidal essential oil. True Lavender essential oil, for example, contains about 100 different molecules! Even laboratories, with all the technology at their disposal, are still unable to synthesize an essential oil because of its complexity.

The synergy of several natural elements is also important to reduce possible toxic effects on the body. The greater the number of molecules in a complex, the more balancing it will be, and the fewer toxic or undesirable effects it will have.

We also require that our ingredients be natural and not only of natural origin, with a few exceptions where the beneficial effects outweigh the fact that the ingredient is of natural origin, such as xylitol in dental care.

And among natural ingredients, we choose raw plant materials, processed only mechanically,cold, using an appropriate extraction method to extract the maximum amount of active ingredients.

We prefer raw materials grown in the wild. In nature, the plant has struggled to survive its environment, so all its beneficial assets are enhanced. If the ingredient is not available in the wild, we take it from organic farming, except for minerals, which cannot be certified organic because they are not farmed.

We encourage fair trade and sustainable cultivation. Our products exceed the criteria of organic certification bodies, but we are not certified by any of them simply because the certification is very expensive (which would increase the price of our products). What’s more, these organizations are no guarantee of quality cosmetics. In fact, these very lucrative organizations write their own criteria. Did you know that they only require a minimum of around 10% of total ingredients to be organically produced in order to certify a product as organic?

Get informed. Ask questions about the ingredients in your cosmetics, how they were processed and the real mission of these companies. Everything you put on your skin penetrates your body, think about it!

Mother Nature has created biochemical complexes whose secrets she alone knows. All we have to do is put our trust in Her and take advantage of Her wealth for the benefit of our health.

Our criteria of quality for the choice of ingredients we integrate into our cosmetic formulas are very strict. Our cosmetics contain a maximum of natural active ingredients. We develop therapeutic formulas using nature’s intelligence to help your skin achieve its optimum level of beauty.

Try our products and ask us any questions you may have. It will be our pleasure to answer you!


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