4 reasons to choose a facial oil as your daily moisturizer

Many questions arise when someone suggests using a facial oil as a daily moisturizer rather than the usual lotion or cream. Some worry about the texture and penetration of the oil on the skin, others wonder whether the pores can become more clogged and, also, how much facial oil should be used each time. We’ve got answers to all your questions!

We prefer facial oils as a daily moisturizer for several reasons. Facial oils provide the highest concentration of naturally-derived active ingredientsand ensure their bioavailability. Each of our facial oils contains herbs, rare and precious plant oils, and a blend of essential oils. We offer you a natural and active concentrate in each of our bottles. All our facial treatments are specifically adapted to each skin type.

It may seem a bit odd to use a facial oil as a moisturizer at first. Take time to adapt to your new skincare routine. We are also here to help and advise you as you create a natural beauty care routine. You will soon feel the results of these changes on your skin. Your skin quickly recognizes the natural ingredients and will extract everything it needs to glow.

So why a facial oil…

Sustained hydration

The right facial oil moisturizes better and longer than any lotion and cream. It works in synergy with sebum, the oil naturally secreted by our body, to balance its quantity on our face. It either reduces the sebum secretion in our facial oil adapted for oily skin, or it moisturizes dry skin for better protection. Each oil is carefully chosen to reflect the quality of the finished product. Our facial oil quickly penetrates the skin and won’t clog pores. A balanced skin is always radiant!

Nourishing effect

Our facial oils are concentrated in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids for the skin. We respect the integrity of each of our ingredients during the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of our products.

Just a little goes a long way

A small amount of oil is enough to provide everything your skin needs throughout the day. You will increase the oil’s absorption by applying it immediately after toner.

Better preservation

Using a plant oil base concentrated in antioxidants allows the product to be stored naturally for a very long time without the addition of any preservatives.

I hope I have inspired you to try our facial oils! We have facial oils for all skin types. Come and browse our website to find the right facial oil for your skin.


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