Our mission | Floressentia

* At Floressentia, every single one of our products is the result of the synergy between elements from Nature such as roots, plants, flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals;

* We all belong to the human family but you are one of a kind. We acknowledge this distinctiveness by designing formulations that are uniquely adapted to your skin type, your personality, your taste as well as your goals;

* We restore the optimal beauty of your skin by developing therapeutic formulas using the intelligence of nature and its unique healing ability;

* Only the purest, most natural and organic ingredients from mother Earth are selected to assure the highest quality of the products we offer you;

* None of our products contain a single chemical or synthetic component. We do not use any paraben or artificial fragrances. All our ingredients are fresh, totally organic and with a premier energetic value;

* We use the essential oils of Aromatherapy and the ancient science Ayurveda in order to support the body and the mind while stimulating the senses;

* We are animal cruelty free. Our products are not tested on animals;

* And all our products are made in an atmosphere of deep serenity, peace and with a high level of consciousness and love;

* Floressentia is totally committed to your health;

Made from Nature with Love